The Weekend Edition #10

Stacking the Shelves &  The Sunday Post
are memes where we share our news from the week and our (sometimes scandalous) book hauls! Decided to not do In My Mailbox anymore, think these two memes fit my needs better!

This week in life…

  • I started the Tone It Up Bikini Series this week! So excited, if you want to be motivated for summer check out Karena and Katrina! They are perfection! 
  • I learned I cannot iron so I choose not to. When I grow up I’m paying someone to do it 😉 The body heat will take out the creases right??

On the blog
(Quiet week! Had a lot on and my reading prowess was still shaky after the revelation that was Hopeless!) 

I signed up for Kimba’s Clean Sweep ARC challenge! Hoping to tackle at least 15-20. It starts May 1st! Sign up here.

Fave posts from around the blogosphere

Question from me! 

Moving to WordPress.Org soon and looking for hosting advice. Who’s your favourite??

This week I got…


From Publisher 


Look how pretty! I’m reading an e-galley of this at the moment and the wonderful peeps at Harper Collins UK sent me a finished copy for a giveaway so lucky sods the lot of you! Keep your eyes peeled next week!

From Author


I thought the synopsis of this sounded really interesting so was glad when author asked me to review

From NetGalley


Was not supposed to go near NetGalley this week but peeps on Twitter tempted me talking about this so I couldn’t help myself!

From Edelweiss


So excited about this one! Have heard amazing things about it!


Sounds very creepy and scary. Been a while since I’ve read something like that so looking forward to this!




Have been looking forward to this release! Rang my local bookstore and made them root through boxes on release day to find me a copy! Can’t wait to start it!


12157365 14743784 16089245

Unraveling was super cheap this week so couldn’t resist and went the whole hog and bought the new book and novella!! Have heard great things about these so super excited.


I’ve only read The Vincent Boys but I liked it. I tried to read Fallen Too Far but just skipped to the dirty parts (I know! Disgraceful!!) but this was super cheap so eh…we’ll see.


April from Good Books and Good Wine’s review encouraged me to pick this one up! Love the concept and only $1.99 on kindle!


I don’t know what to say…lol I was in that kind of “mood”. Leave it at that…My very short GoodReads review. Is it bad that I didn’t want to sully my blog by posting it here? lol


Heard soooo many mixed reviews on this one but I’ve waited a while for it so thought best to form my own opinion. Love the cover!

15706512 16066163

The lovely Allura from Teacups & Bookends was talking about these on Twitter all week and convinced me to buy them! Looking forward to starting them and squeeing over them! 🙂


I was having a freakout during the week about turning 30 in six months and this book popped up on my Amazon homepage. Seemed fitting!


My lovely friend Angela loaned me this book! Reading it at the mo and loving it! I really relate to Annabel and her struggles. I’ve had every one of her thoughts…Sigh, but I never got a Tegan! 😦

That’s it!

What did everyone else get?

Danielle x


41 thoughts on “The Weekend Edition #10

  1. Sweet haul! I especially love the cover for Sky and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Taken. 🙂

    As for moving to, I haven’t considered it yet. But I have heard some great info from Kelley and Asti about Safe Shark Hosting. 🙂 I linked the posts where they talk about the move, so hopefully that will help you out! 😀

  2. Great haul, the problem with reading these is I always think ‘oh, that’s on edelweiss/net galley, must try get it’. Doesn’t help with my own tbr pile at all. Some great ones there though, enjoy! Ironing, what’s that?

  3. Nice lots of books! The cover for Sky is really cool. I’ve read Unravelling, but can’t really remember it… the covers match nicely though. I saw Acid in Waterstones yesterday, and it looked really cool but I’m keeping an eye out for reviews for it first as I haven’t heard much about it. I’ve been hearing mixed things about Taken as well, I’ll see if the library gets it.
    Enjoy your reads.

    My STS.

  4. Nyrae Dawn is a fantastic author as is Elizabeth Norris. I absolutely LOVED the heck out of Unraveling and I want to read the sequel so bad. Oh and Icons? Hell yes, girl! I hope it’s great:) I also hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your haul!

  5. Danielle what are you trying to do to me? *Sigh* Now I have to add more books to my list. You’re so mean 😦 And I’ve stayed away from NetGalley and been so good but now I want to go request that book it looks good. I will not give in to temptation! (Yeah….riiight)

    You are so funny! I also got Resisting Her and a few others that will probably be a goodreads only quick review as well. Though seeing what you put I’m not as excited to read it anymore.

    • Mwahahaha *evil laugh* 😉 Give Resisting Her a read when you want “fast food” fiction, satisfying whilst reading it but makes you feel icky afterwards. lol like my review said “At least the sex scenes were hot” 😉

  6. I’ve only read one Abbi Glines book – Breathe – and didn’t really care for it. It was just so cheesy. I love romance, but that one was disappointing. I’m wondering if I should try some of her other books, though, because eveyone raves about her.

    I’m thinking of transfering to too, but am a littler intimidated by it.

    Annnyway, enjoy your goodies and happy reading 🙂

  7. So many people got Unraveling this week! If you still haven’t read it yet, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for! ;D
    And whoa, Icons, I wish the covers were really animated too in real life. It’s sad that we don’t have the ability to do that yet. ):
    Anyways, enjoy all your books! (:

    My STS

  8. I have heard sooo many amazing things about Golden! I really wanted to request it but I already have way too many books to read. 😦 Grr! Also I just bought ACID too! (But after posting my haul.) It looks amazing, doesn’t it? And that cover! It screams badass!

    My Stacking the Shelves

  9. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUR BOOK HAUL. Sorry for the shouty caps but that’s literally how I feel. There are SO many great books on there! Also, read the posts you shared, they’re awesome and I can’t believe people are mean to other bloggers over their hauls. Ridiculous. Also, I’m really excited for you to read the Grab Your Pole Series! I’ll have someone to talk to about it! 🙂 Enjoy your books!

  10. Acid looks like a must read for me! Taken was good, but yes it’s not for everyone. I just finished Twisted and LOVED Fallen Too Far and Never Too Far–You are a dirty girl 😉 Twisted was good and had its fair share of naughty. I’m reading and almost finished w/Shark Bait it’s a long book but has a “different” writing style then what I’m used too, but I do like it. Enjoy all the rest!!

  11. So many great books Danielle! Acid, Resisting Her, and Twisted Perfection are all on my TBR list, and now so is Measuring Up (thanks to you!) I bought Unraveling this week, so I’m excited to start that series too. Happy reading!

    My STS

    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros

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