The Weekend Edition #9

Stacking the Shelves  and In my Mailbox are weekly memes to showcase our haul.

  • Busy week paid off, Book Launch I helped organise went off brilliantly. Great night was had by all. Very proud of my boss/mentor as it was a tough night for her as the day was touched by sadness but she pulled it off with her usual grace and aplomb. 
  • Getting serious for summer worked! Last week I said I wanted to get back into healthy eating and exercise, wasn’t perfect but was down 2.5lbs which is a total of 27.5lbs so far so happy! 🙂
  • Adding everyone to Bloglovin’ and Feedly so if I’ve disappeared from your email followers/wordpress that’s why!

On the Blog:


For Review


(From NetGalley


Yup! I danced around the kitchen like a crazy person scaring the crap out of Gypsy when I got this. Promptly sat down and squeed for until it was finished. Seriously when is book three out??? Review here! 

(From Edelweiss)


I love these books. I buy them with the greatest intentions that I’ll follow their advice and be groomed and FAB-U-LOUS *snaps fingers* and then I get lazy again…But hey maybe this time!




So looking forward to this! Although someone said it’s going to cost about $30 total to buy them all seperately which sucks but I cannot wait that long for the omnibus!!


Given how messed up I feel after Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (Review to come, My GR updates and tweets confirm this) I don’t know when I’ll read this since I’ve heard it’s equally brutal so I’ll save it for a day when I feel like jumping off a cliff just to give me the push!


What is wrong with me that I cannot stay away from NA? Yeah ’nuff said!


They were talking about this on EpicReads TeaTime last week so my interest was piqued. Sounds nicely creepy.


Simply so I could read Kendare Blake’s justification on how incest is a good thing and then freak the fuck out about it.


I liked the cover…Shrug, What’s it about again? lol 😉

Kindle freebies and deals


Spotted this on a blog tour post over at the lovely Jessica @ Lovin’ Los Libros blog and had to have it!


I’m a sucker for anything to do with Angels (ahem Fallen fan here)

That’s it!

What did you get?

Danielle x

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42 thoughts on “The Weekend Edition #9

  1. Great haul Danielle! I also bought Falling into You awhile back, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. I am super jealous you got to read The Elite! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    Thanks for The Game mention! 🙂 The writing wasn’t the best, but it definitely had an interesting enough storyline and I had to see how it ended.

    And congrats on 2.5 lbs! I need to get re-motivated and get back to getting ready for summer!

    I hope you enjoy all of your reads!

    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros

  2. Looks like a pretty solid haul 😉 I’m going to look at the PSTD post too, it sounds interesting! BTW, I’m a new follower.
    Another Feedly user, yay! Welcome to the club, it’s more exclusive than Bloglovin’ but that. is. awesome! Enjoy reading your books, of course!

  3. Great haul, great picks. Drowning Instinct and The Shadow Girl look good. I buy books based on good/cool/pretty/clever covers too, sometimes it works, sometimes not!

  4. Fabulous haul! I loved Falling Into You! It was so emotional and beautiful, i hope you enjoy it too. I still haven’t read The Selection. I’ll hopefully get to it before Elite comes out.
    Thanks for stopping by My StS

  5. Oh fun reads!!!! Haha, I think you and I were talking about CC roping us into another $30 to spend on her Shadowhunter franchise! Ah, but we’re addicted! We can’t help it 🙂 Let me know what you think – Elite discussions start Tuesday 🙂

  6. Ahhh, The Elite! I am excited to read that book. I didn’t hate the first book, and I am interested in what happens next. Falling Into You is supposed to be really good! I’ve heard that Jasinda Wilder outdid herself with that one 😀

    I hope you enjoy all of your books!

    Check out my STS post!

    • Thanks for stopping by. Try and check out The Selection. It’s perfect when you want the chocolate brownie equivalent in a book. Pure indulgence 🙂

  7. Great haul.

    I think I really need to read Hopeless soon, because I love books that just get a huge emotional reaction.

    Also, I am curious about The Drowning Instinct.

    Happy reading 🙂

  8. It looks like you’ve got a great haul! I keep hearing Sarah Rees Brennan tease her followers on Twitter about What Happens in Peru, so eventhough I haven’t read the related series I’ve got to admit I’m curious! Hope you enjoy all your books.

  9. Drowning Instinct was pretty good! Pretty intense read. Looking forward to your review on that.

    As for all the TMI stuff- for some reason, I am starting to lack the…. anticipation? Of these. I have no intention of reading all those short stories. I think I’m just burnt out.

    Awesome haul ! 🙂 Loved your PTSD post.

    And do you like Feedly?

    • Might start it soon since I’m doing an ARC challenge for May. I know what you mean about TMI, TID kinda did me in but I know that when the movie comes out ill probably be in Fangirl mode so will be helpful to have something to read lol. I do like Feedly, I think even more than Bloglovin, it’s more interactive, the mobile app is great and in Chrome there’s a mini Feedly which lets you save for later and add blogs immediately in your browser which is cool!

      • Yeah I know, it was a headdesk moment when I saw the news that there was going to be another SH series after the one that comes after TMI lol, such a thing as flogging a dead horse. But then (snark alert) I don’t think she can write anything other than the same story with different names…

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