Musing Mondays #1 Trilogies and their endings

 Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by should be reading where we share our thoughts on books or a topic, ramble, rant that’s on our minds.

This week for me it’s Trilogies (or rather their endings)


Requiem is out tomorrow March 5th. Of all the YA series/trilogies/sagas etc that I have been obsessed by this was my big one. The one on the pedestal. Lena is my favourite all time YA heroine, I love how normal she is, how she grew, her relationships with Julian/Alex/Raven/Hana. Her story blew me away so I was anticipating this one big time…I read Requiem two weeks ago and yes I loved it but was it an ending? In my opinion no, it was a let down of the “Santa isn’t real” proportions. I’ve posted my review (which is still and always will be 5 stars) and my subsequent rant on my blog already so I’m probably beating a dead horse here but it got me thinking about all the other trilogies I’ve read and whether they had endings that made me think “Oh, Yeah, Perfection”. So far in my TBR list, I have Promised (Birthmarked), Reached (Matched), Finale (Hush Hush) to read and after Requiem I won’t lie, I’m seriously apprehensive to read them in case of a similar experience. This is the problem with letting characters in sometimes, they become such an intrinsic part of your reading life that you can’t help but have real feelings about them. I adore Lauren Oliver but seriously the PTSD she’s given me after that ending…something I’ll be musing on for quite a while.

What are your thoughts on the endings of trilogies?

Danielle x


7 thoughts on “Musing Mondays #1 Trilogies and their endings

  1. I haven’t read this series, but I’ve been noticing it. And I do hate it when a series ends in a way that disappoints…or leaves me wondering.

    Kind of like when you’ve absorbed yourself in a TV series…and they cancel it, leaving you hanging.


  2. I just started a new series this week end, I usually don’t get to involved in series. If I do want to read them I also want the books to be stand alone books as well. Did any of that make sense? I hope, have a fun reading day today.

    • Makes perfect sense especially in YA these days the stand alone book is practically a unicorn now so it’s nice when you can enjoy a book on its own merits without having to read the next one to get satisfaction from a plot

  3. So I haven’t started this series yet but Delirium is sitting her, quite literally, in a TBR pile on my desk. I’m trying to decide which of the other 7 or 8 series that I’ve started I need to quit procrastinating and finish! I hate saying goodbye to characters though. I love how you refer to PTSD. Maybe that’s it! But I get it from the ones I love as well lol!

    I haven’t finished Hush, Hush so I’m not sure how that will be for you and I’m not familiar with Birthmarked I’ll have to look that one up. But as you saw on my review Reached was pretty complete and I wasn’t upset with the ending. I was pretty satisfied. So hopefully what ever one you finish doesn’t find you on a rooftop somewhere (ha!) Happy (hopefully) reading! 😀

    • Lol yes I don’t think my heart could take much more 🙂 Definitely read the Delirium series. It is amazing (It’s just not finished *stamps foot* Birthmarked is great too, Gaia is another fave character of mine, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed in the ending of her series. Fingers crossed because I’m afraid of heights 😉 x

      • Oh I’m absolutely going to very soon. Especially since I’ve seen that it’s being made into a TV series. That’s exciting! Well maybe, hopefully they won’t ruin it like they sometimes do with movies. And yeah fingers crossed 😛 I don’t do heights either!

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