Requiem Retrospective

Be warned this is an irrational rant brought on by an extreme case of book nerdiness and may contain spoilers!!

PS: My original review rating still stands. It’s a Five Star ***** Story. I Just.Need.To.Get.This.Out so I can go on loving and worshipping Lauren Oliver without a bunch of simmering resentment threatening to overspill!!!

Maybe it’s because it’s early on a Saturday morning and I can’t sleep…I dunno but I’m

mad as hell and I just can’t take it anymore!

I keep thinking about Requiem. I loved it as a story, it was amazing but as an ending???? The more I think about it, the more let-down I feel.

Lena is my ultimate dystopian heroine, more than Tris, Katniss, Ember, Juliette… There was something so real and normal about her that made you feel like if you were in the same situation you could cope too. We saw her go from a scared child afraid to feel to a freedom fighter who doesn’t lay down and weep (Yeah you! Bella Swan) but fights in the memory of those she loves.

The ending of Requiem just…like that’s how she’s going to be honoured? That’s a TRILOGY ending? I read from other fairly angry readers that perhaps Oliver decide to go down the literary high brow route and let the reader “draw their own conclusions” but this is YA Dystopian. Follow the Formula! A+B=Heart stopping romance and action not “umm okay so what up? I’m over here and we’ll catch up later? Yo!”

That plus the death of one of my favourite characters which I think angers me the most has me all up in a heap this morning! Ugh

I know that the TV series was put into works before this book came out so perhaps there was a lot of pressure put on Lauren Oliver to end the series that way so Hollywood could fuck it up do what it wants with it but I seriously don’t see why Lena “book heroine” should get gypped for Lena “TV heroine”

This is my FAVOURITE Dystopian Series and will continue to be so for a long time but the only way I can rationally do that without tearing my hair out is to fool myself into thinking it’s not over!

Book Four coming FALL 2014!

Seriously…just let me live in my delusion! ^^^^ 😦


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