Book Review: The Indigo Spell ★★★★★

2013 has been a great year for books and we’re only 7 weeks in! The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead was my joint most anticipated book of 2013 along with Requiem by Lauren Oliver and not that I was worried but it didn’t disappoint!

Mild spoilers for books 1&2 after the jump!

The Indigo Spell is the third in the Bloodlines Series and is by far the strongest so far. I didn’t think Mead could top The Golden Lily in terms of “squee-ness” (Yes it’s totally a word!) but good grief I practically needed a bucket to mop me up off the floor I melted so many times!

Sydrian is fast becoming the true Power Couple of the VA universe and they can only get better.

Indigo picks up a few weeks after the shocking kiss that rocked Sydney’s core as she realised her code of ethics she has so staunchly lived by for her whole life is crumbling due a vampire with startling green eyes and an unshakeable love for her, Adrian Ivashkov.

The relationship between the two grows deeper in this book as they try to find a balance between the rules of their universe and the love bubbling under the surface threatening to overspill at any moment.

Sydney has come along way since her first appearance in the VA ‘verse and in particular since Bloodlines and we really get to see her shine. To put it mildly, Sydney kicks ass! Juggling her duties as an alchemist with her burgeoning talents as a witch, playing big sister to Jill and the rest of the gang and actually being able to show some restraint in the presence of Adrian (Come on girls, could you do it??) without dropping the ball is so much fun to read and creates some seriously comical moments.

The two major plots are the disappearance of potential witches in LA and Sydney tracking down the mysterious Marcus Finch, ex Alchemist and (rumoured) badass and both storylines are compelling to read and at no point does the book stutter in pace like I felt it did in Bloodlines.

Adrian’s role in this book is pretty much tied up with Sydney so at the risk of spoiling a great read I will just say it’s seriously enjoyable.

We get more of an insight into the Alchemist world which sets things up nicely for The Fiery Heart with a few surprising appearances to cause some upheaval.

The heart is of course Sydrian but the real star is Sydney and her evolution from insecure, uptight, slightly disordered girl into a strong confident young women who is capable of recognising what it right and true in the world and fearlessly grabbing what is hers with two hands.

What more could any of us want?

Favourite Quotes

“Just something kicking around in my head. Reminds me of you. Fiery and sweet, all at the same time. A flame in the dark, lighting my way.”

“I just kept thinking of his words: I’m still here, still in love with you, and care about you more than any other guy ever will.”

Rating: FIVE Stars! ★★★★★


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