Book Review: The Athena Effect ★★★★

I was given this book in exchange for review.Summary: Cal is a young woman raised in isolation by her parents away from electricity, society and government. When her parents die tragically, Cal is sent to live with her aunt. She possesses the ability to see and manipulate the auras of animals and humans due to genetic manipulation in-vitro as her parents took part in an experiment called The Athena Project.

I really liked this book. It was easy to read, enjoyable and I liked the character of Cal. To be honest it was her story as the classic “fish out of water” that intrigued me more than the subplot of her genetic abilities and the villain plotting to take her away.Cal was so sweet, innocent and genuine that every new experience she partook in was fun to be a part of and her abilities to calm the animals and humans around her was never abused by her which made her twice as likeable.Her relationship with Calvin, a sweet boy who after the death of his mother is being led down the wrong path was compelling and lovely. The two learned so much from each other and really came to realise they were the missing part of each other’s lives that finally gave them peace and contentment.

The other characters were meh. The “bad guys” Teddy and Max were in interesting for me. While the idea of The Athena Project was interesting enough, that whole plot could have been easily sacrificed for the simple love story of a girl and boy from two different worlds. The author did such a good job of that story that by the time the subplot emerged I was frustrated and wanted to skim it rather than be immersed in it.

All in all it was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it. I’m looking forward to the sequel and I hope Cal and Calvin are in it and Layla gets a happy ending but it is the human aspect not the science that I am really looking forward to.

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Four Stars ★★★★

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