Book Review: Requiem ★★★★★


I’ve been really lucky that in the past year I have come across quite a few series that I have absolutely loved and the Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver is right there at the top. Her world in which Love is considered a disease called Delira that can be “cured” has had me captivated from the very first page.

The story of Lena Holloway who was 95 days away from being cured and looking forward to it until she meets the mysterious and sweet Alex unfolds through Delirium, Pandaemonium and ends in Requiem which hits bookstores on March 5th.

I was lucky enough to get an ARC and apart from The Indigo Spell haven’t anticipated a book release so much since Harry Potter.

Mild Spoilers if you havn’t read books 1&2 after the jump…

The story picks up in the Wilds after Lena and Julian have escaped with the help of Lena’s mom and the resistance and reunited with the thorny but brilliant Raven and Tack and the bombshell that Alex is alive has exploded squarely over Lena’s head.

The one thing I felt this book was clearly lacking from the get-go was romance. The stomach clenching, butterfly inducing, stolen moments between our heroine and either of her love interests were sorely lacking. Alex for the majority of the book is distant and mean and Julian is like a sweet affable puppy you wince in anticipation of having his heart stomped on by Lena unintentional as it may be.

The real action takes place outside the love triangle as the resistance grows and the war on Love is taken to a new level by the Regulators who are determined to stomp it out by any brutal means necessary.

We also get to rejoin Hana’s story as she prepares for marriage to Fred Hargrove, new mayor of Portland with a dark side to match Darth Vader.

We say goodbye to some loved characters and hello to some really interesting ones. The book as a whole is fantastic but the ending feels lacking…Perhaps it is my unwillingness to say goodbye to characters I have adored but it feels like a distinct lack of resolution that makes me long for a book four! The ending is hopeful and while it’s clear our Heroine still has tough times ahead, you are left comforted in the knowledge that she is more than up to it.

Favourite Quotes

“Take down the walls”

“Then he bends down and kisses me; light and perfect, his lips just barely meeting mine, a kiss that promises…”

“He who jumps may fall, but he may also fly”

Rating: Five stars ★★★★★


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Requiem ★★★★★

    • Don’t worry! It’s a fantastic story and there’s plenty of moments just a little milder than before. The good thing is Lauren Oliver leaves plenty of scope for the imagination 😉 You’ll love it! I’m still going through withdrawal symptoms, no book has left me feeling like that in a looooonnnggg time so that’s a good thing! x

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